Workplace Stress: Impact & Outcome – An India Study 2016

Chronic life-style related health issues are growing rapidly among the ‘Young Indian Workforce’. It is predicted that by 2025, India will have more than 57% of its population suffering from diabetes. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and tobacco consumption are seen as high-risk elements in employee health and wellness that impact the workforce.

Corporates across India have become sensitive to the prevalent health issues and the impact of stress at the workplace on performance and productivity. Leadership firms are working at building health and wellness programs that make their workforce a lot more resilient to the external challenges.

CGP India, along with SHRM India have collaborated to understand the landscape in a more scientific approach than ever done before. The aim was not just to understand the areas of concern but also to measure the impact of stress on the organizations’ top line. The online survey was participated by a total of 2157 respondents and included senior management interviews from 12 organizations spanning across 3 sectors – IT, Banking and Travel & Hospitality.

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