Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS)

Measuring Value by Tracing Actual outcomes has allowed us to strengthen our service. CGP’s Division of Commercial Science has developed a “family” of short but psychometrically validated tools designed to measure the workplace effects of EAP, Health Coaching and Student Assistance interventions. These tools, known as the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) can be accessed by EAP providers and Health and wellness firms without any cost by signing a short user Agreement. At present, WOS is used by over 400 EAP providers to measure the workplace impact that is specific to their program.

CGP supports WOS users with technical consultation, data analytics and reporting. We are gradually building a “data warehouse” of EAP and related outcomes that crosses industries, geographies and service models.
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Approach to Program Evaluation

Through our affiliation with our parent organization’s Research Institute (Lighthouse), CGP has access to Scientists who routinely conduct federally funded, applied research in the area of behavioral health prevention, assessment, and treatment. We take an empirical approach to examining our effectiveness or Return-on-Investment claims. This means that our purchasers can transparently see our methods and know our claims are credible.

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