Sexual Harassment Explained

This is an India-industry exclusive program and a continuous service model focused on prevention of sexual harassment. This is both an onsite and on online program, which is designed keeping the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2013. The aim of this program is largely preventive and it focuses on assisting organizations develop internal programs of creating and fostering a culture with respect for women and mitigating sexual harassment at the work place.

The objective is to build an unbiased ecosystem that creates awareness and builds control mechanisms within the organisation. CGP helps in building and participating in the respective ‘Internal Complaints Committee’ that is statutorily required to address awareness of ‘Sexual Harassment’ related matters at the work place. CGP helps in building addressable forums and platforms through counseling help lines, training, orientation and personal sessions at the work place. It also gives Post Trauma support mechanisms for employees at the work place either through a 24/7 Helpline, Online platforms and face to face discussions for preventive actions to be taken in case of vulnerable situations.

CGP India uses polling and survey mechanisms across genders to gauge the efficacy of ‘SHE’ and the independent environment at work place. Understanding ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ will be key focus of the measurement metrics.

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