Ranking 2016

Wipro Limited

- Contributed by Sunita Cherian

Our employees share a deep sense of belonging with our Company, as we care about our ecosystem, our employees, the organizational fabric and society. Day-to-day experience defines culture for people. So we went about shaping policies and benefit programs that shared in this approach, to create a uniformly good day-to-day experience. Policies w.r.t. reasonable accommodation, paid time off, paternity, extended maternity & sabbatical leaves create a sense of balance while assuring the employee that important milestones are addressed. We emphasize on healthy living via our Fit for Life programs, and have multiple medical & insurance benefits for the employees and their immediate family.

We recognize that each employee still requires personalized attention for career building and in times when they are faced with physical or emotional challenges. The mentoring and coaching program, which is integral to the organization, is aimed at creating an eco-system to give the support and environment to achieve their full potential. An in-house counseling team is available for any emotional support that an employee needs on a personal / professional matter. A robust grievance redressal system & a structured policy framework around prevention of sexual harassment, ensures the overall emotional wellness of the employee.

And finally, we must not remain isolated from our society. Success loses its sheen if it is too personalized, either at the individual or at the organizational level. Its impact must be felt in its surroundings for it to be truly meaningful. In this, we have the partnership of our employees. Through Wipro Cares, our employees have the opportunity to participate in meaningful programs that contribute to helping society become a better place.

We believe that it is this completeness of our “well-being” initiative that make Wipro a great place to belong, and why employees and their families take so much pride in participating in events like our Spirit of Wipro Run.

ZS Associates

- Contributed by Chaitrali Singh, Director Human Resources, India, ZS Associates

Life is not just about living but about feeling alive! Wellness needs to be a way of life both at work and at home by adopting healthy habits. As the famous quote goes, “When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘WE’, Illness becomes Wellness.” Workplaces have a responsibility in moving the needle not just on physical wellbeing of their people but on holistic Wellness Programs—social, physical, emotional, intellectual, career, vocational and even spiritual. Workplaces need to be the reason why people adopt healthy habits and not an excuse for people to lead unhealthy lives.

Sapient Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

- Contributed by Kameshwari Rao, Vice President- HR, Sapient Consulting

“Wellness is a way of life and needs attention every day.”

Shree Cement Ltd.

- Contributed by Sanjay Mehta, CHFO & Jt. President, Shree Cement Ltd.

"Happiness is the ultimate productivity booster. Research says that happy employees outperform others by 20%. They make better decisions, excel at managing their time and possess essential leadership skills. Which is why, Health & Happiness of employees is priority for us and our results prove that it makes perfect business sense."

Citi India

Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd.

- Contributed by Gaurav Gupta, Compensation & Benefits, Dell | India | Human Resources

At Dell - India we always aim to deliver best of Health and Wellness initiatives to our team members and this award is a testimony of the efforts which we have put into this over past few years. Key intent of our health and wellness initiative is towards enhancing team member engagement leveraging technology to the best possible extent. Under “WellatDell” umbrella we drive engagement with team members encompassing both emotional and physical well-being while having a structured engagement model which with support of wellness portal and an active wellness committee organizes various programs/initiatives.

Novartis Healthcare Private Limited

Arcesium India Pvt. Ltd.

- Contributed by Sridhar, Head of Human Capital, Arcesium India Private Limited

We believe in creating a stimulating health and wellness environment where our employees can live a fuller life. We do that by putting our employees first and by investing in flexibility, great infrastructure, and personalised design.

Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd.

- Contributed by Smriti K. Singh, EVP & Head – Human Resources, Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd

“Media is a dynamic evolving industry and at SPN, we aim to provide differentiated and leading edge content to our viewers. In this regard we drive a number of initiatives that facilitate a culture of creativity and innovation and supporting our employees on their physical, emotional and mental wellness is part of the strategy for this culture to flourish. When employees are able to balance their professional and personal goals, they are better placed to give their best at work.”

Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd.

- Contributed by Kamal Joshi, Vice President – Human Resources, Fiserv India

“We believe in Wellness 365, with a focus on mind, body and spirit”!

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