About Us

Chestnut Global Partners has the international experience, customer base, infrastructure, resources and expertise to provide your employees and their family members with a superior service.

Our Mission, “Making a difference: Improving quality of life through excellence in service, reflects in Our Vision to make Chestnut Global Partners a leader in the development and delivery of superior human services to the Industry we serve.

At Chestnut Global Partners we value:

  • Our Clients
  • Our Employees
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Strategic Growth and Expansion
  • Communication &
  • Collaboration

We believe that a quality EAP, encompasses not only a full range of services for prompt assistance with employee/family concerns, but also consultative services for managers and supervisors. Many employee personal problems are not necessarily the result of a diagnosed mental health disorder or chemical dependence, but “problems in living” that often result in substantial disruption in employees’ lives and ability to function effectively at work. Some of these problems, such as marital or parent-child conflicts, are frequently excluded from a health services offering and, if left untreated, can progress into a mental disorder and result in higher “indirect” expenses later.

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