The Caregiver’s Burden Myth or Reality?

Whether you’re caregiving for an ailing family member, are a professional caregiver for the terminally ill, or are juggling between the tasks of taking care of elderly parents and young children the intentions behind it are usually good and strong willed.
In most of the cases caregiving comes unwarned and brings with it plethora of emotions like love, care, guilt, contentment, helplessness and anger. Longevity and shrinking family sizes in the present Indian scenario have also affected the availability of support. Even when you would have preferred shaking your hands off the responsibility of caregiving you are left with no choice but to morally and obediently follow.

When Asha first realized that her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia she went numb. The pain experienced was so strong that she went mute and confined herself in a room to make sense of what had happened. Eventually, this learning finally seeped in, she took the plunge to reverse the direction of river by giving every iota of her life to save her baby girl. What followed were endless sleepless nights, performing the chores of medicating, bathing and feeding her child.

Every time she looked at the mirror she saw the greying hairline; wasn’t it quite early? Yes it was but there were reasons. However, what was quite evidently visible were her growing dark circles and a strong desire to inflict self-punishment just so she could make herself experience the pain her little one went through with every chemotherapy session.

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