Mindful Meditation

With the constant rush towards grabbing life by its collar, we take the role of a juggler who manages to catch and toss multiple roles just like a ball .This leaves us feeling crippled by the limited time and demands placed on us. The mind is usually bombarded with tasks to perform, engagements to fulfill and feelings that need attention. Amidst the chaos of detangling these thoughts, stress takes center stage in our lives.

People have their own individual styles and preferences of relaxing their overworked minds. Some people engage in physical activities like dance, sports or gaming to calm down their heightened senses and rushing minds. For those of us who find it hard to engage in physical activities, being busy on social media, talking to a friend or addiction to a substance serves the function of offering temporary relief. A healthy mechanism of relaxation and rejuvenation comprises of a holistic approach to physical and mental aspects of our being. Meditation is a means to restore the balance between the two.

Mindful meditation is a practice that involves focusing energy on the present moment “the here and now” rather than channelizing it on things of the past or worries of the future. It is an art of paying attention to the details of our experiences as they enter our consciousness and subside. Without rejecting anything, we are available completely to what life has to offer us. Then we don’t wish things to be any different and don’t worry about eventualities. By choosing to be more mindful, we take control of our lives and acknowledge the changes that need to be made to lead a fulfilling life. Looking at the picture above, we can reflect for ourselves if we are mindfull or mindful.

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