Mental Illness: Myths and Facts?

Myth: There’s nothing called mental illness. People fake it.

Fact: Mental health is for real. Just as other parts of your body could face health issues, your brain could be affected by one or more of the scores of mental health problems, which impact the ability to lead a normal life.
There are several kinds of mental health illnesses and the severity with which they affect people may vary. We should accept the fact that mental health issues are for real and they need to be addressed through the intervention of professional assistance.

Myth: I will never have mental health problems / It only affects poor people.

Fact: One in five people suffer from mental health problems and it can affect anyone. Cases of common mental disorders are increasing. People of all ages, communities, economic strata and cultures can be affected with mental health problems. We must take mental health seriously and act to understand ways of preventing it, treating it and coping with it.

Myth: Mental health issues cannot be treated

Fact: Most mental health problems can be treated provided they are diagnosed and treated early enough and appropriately. Successful recovery also depends on the right kind of support and assistance provided by the caregivers. In other cases, treatment can be provided to mitigate the impact of serious mental disorders so that patients can take better control of their lives.

Myth: Mental health problems occur in people who are weak.

Fact: The onset of a mental health problem has nothing to do with the ‘mental strength’ of a person. It is also not related to his or her personality traits. Mental illness can occur due to one or more of the following factors – social, genetic, biological, environmental and psychological.

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