Managing Through a Divorce

When one gets married he/she certainly does not imagine an ending of such an intimate relationship. After the death of a marriage it can be pretty hard to get a perspective on life. In India where a wedding is a big affair and so much of our life’s fortune is spent to make it a memorable event, divorce rate is up on the rise making it unavoidable for us to ignore its impact.

Why do people get legally separated?

While the reasons for divorce can be anything from communication issues, infidelity, financial concerns, addictions, unrealistic expectations, difficult in-laws, abuse or incompatibility the reminder that keeps ticking is that “it will never be the same again”. We might not be aware but the fights and accusations help us feel acknowledged; it doesn’t matter even if it is in an unhealthy manner. Now, it will also be taken away and this thought kicks in uninvited, robbing the person of the little hope he accumulates from having faith in his/her ability to bounce back.

What if you or your spouse is reluctant to seek divorce?

There are high chances in many cases that one of the spouses does not want to divorce for the sake of children or social image. You can expect a denial response from them where they may say “our problems are not that bad or they don’t exist”. It becomes a prolonged and cumbersome endeavor to convince them about seeking professional help so as to help them arrive at the decision of separating. The pain experienced by the reluctant partner is too hard for them to contain and may manifest in the form of unhealthy behaviors like shouting, picking fights, accusing, nagging or belittling their partner.

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