Caregiver stress: caring for yourself, the caregiver

Caring for your loved one with severe mental illness may take priority, but keeping yourself physically and mentally fit is important too

What is caregiver stress?

Caring for a loved one with a severe mental health disorder or psychotic illness can be challenging for the caregiver due to the various factors involved: having to accept that their loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness and may not be able to function normally for a period; the intense emotions that arise while caring for their loved one, and the sheer practicality of having to balance caregiving with household chores or a job. To add to this, the stigma that surrounds mental illness in our society makes the task of the caregiver tougher in some situations.
The term ‘caregiver stress’ refers to the distress caused to a caregiver due to their loved one’s illness, or the strain posed by their caregiving duties

Caregiver burden

Experts use the term caregiver burden to refer to the distress and lifestyle adjudtments that a caregiver makes when they begin caring for their loved one. These adjustments could be practical: having more tasks to do as they assume the caregiver’s role; Occupational (having to make significant changes at work, or quit their job if they are a full-time caregiver); financial (dealing with increased expenses and possibly, decreased income) and social (being unable to mingle freely with family and friends due to the stigma surrounding mental illness).

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